About a dozen years ago I was an amateur bodybuilder (non-drug). After a contest down at the beach (I came in 2ND) my wife posted several pictures on her Facebook. By the end of the following-day she had over a hundred replies to the pictures. Most of the replies were similar to your experience. Nothing really crude, but suggestive; the worst being a woman who wanted to know if I would pose nude for her – she claimed to be a photographer for Playgirl (I never found out). My wife thought it was hysterical. Me? Mixed. Since I had spent a lot of time and energy to look the way I did, the comments reinforced my positive self-image – however, on the negative side, I did, depending on the exact comment – feel a small sense of embarrassment for the women submitting them. I did, back in-the-day, catch women casting discrete glances in my direction; I was far more flattered by the discretion (as it showed a nice touch of sophistication and class) than the “wolf whistling” in the Facebook posts. Perhaps you should take the same approach: take the boost while feeling embarrassed for the booster.

Contact and personal info can be found on the author's webpage: www.williampray.com

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